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Website Maintenance and Management

The website management can consist of any task whether it requires updating website graphics, ecommerce update and integration, flash design and upgrades to custom coding and expansion. This also includes website updates such as website repairs and website redesign.

Inexpensive Website Maintenance

Website maintenance and website updates don’t have to be expensive, throughout the years we noted that clients who have a perception that inexpensive web maintenance results in poor quality are simply wrong. It’s true that most website design agencies that offer web maintenance charge $125 and up, but being a small company like us gives us the opportunity to offer quality website update service at affordable rates. So the question is why to go for expensive website maintenance services when you get the same benefits in packages with lesser rates. We offer maintenance service on both standard static websites as well as dynamic websites and also custom websites.

Website Updates

Any website update request or change will go through us by email request or the online update for submitting changes. Our website maintenance and update service will be handled within 48 hours of receipt of update on a task requiring less than 2 hours to complete. Many times tasks are done within minutes of being requested. Urgent website updates are welcome any time as well.

Website Maintenance Services

How It Works

It is really very simple to start working with Plan B. Here is a quick overview:

Contact Us

Send us a list of things you need done and we will give you a quote. You can also give us a call to talk about your challenges. We’ll talk to you at whatever level you are comfortable.

Get To Know Each Other

We will spend time getting to know your business as you get to know ours. There is never a charge to make sure we are able to work with you. We will make sure our skills match your needs.

Join Us

We hope that by this point you’ve experienced how attentive we can be to your needs and will grant us the privilege of working with you and your website.

Assess Us

As our relationship matures, we will regularly ask how we’re doing and look for your honest feedback so we can be better service providers.

Refer Us

Our best compliment is when someone refers us to a friend or business associate. We live for those validations of a job well done!

Website Maintenance