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Our Design Process

Gathering Information

This phase of the process is where you will work with your project manager so that we can learn about your wants and needs for your website. Typically, this phase is easiest once we receive a completed request a quote form. We like to find out the goals and expectations you have from your website, any color requirements/desires you have, and get the url’s of your competitors among other things. We will also ask you if you’ve have branding in place. If you don’t, we can help you develop a logo and establish your brand’s identity.

Determine the Pages/Content

So that our concept design can incorporate site navigation

that is appropriate, we need to determine the pages and a

rough draft of your content early. Most businesses write

their own content with a bit of guidance. You can also hire

 us to create all or some of your content or hire a 3rd party

 copyrighter to produce the content for you.

Concept Design

During this phase, we will produce one or more graphic

designs that will serve as a guide during the template

creation. At this stage, changes to the layout and design are

easy. Once we create the site template(s), changes become

more difficult and take more time.

Template Creation

This is where we take the concept design and make it into an actual web page that will display properly in all of the popular web browsers. We also take some steps at this stage to make your site more search engine friendly. We will create the navigation area and make all the links work. At the completion of this phase, all of your web pages are there but don’t have any content yet.

Adding Content

Next, we take the text and pictures that you have provided, or we have created and add them to each page.

Final Approval

Your website is complete. You now have an opportunity to review the finished website and let us know if we have missed anything. Once you are 100% satisfied we consider the final review complete and your site is ready for launch.

Website Launch

This is the process of taking your site live by setting your nameservers with your domain

registrar, ensuring that your website server is setup correctly, and uploading the files that make up the site onto the server. After your site goes live, we offer 30 days of free support. After 30 days have passed, any changes or site maintenance is billed at our current hourly rate or in accordance with your website maintenance plan.

Website Design

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