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Marketing Material Designs

Marketing Materials

Want marketing materials that will seal the deal? The quality of your marketing collateral is a primary consideration when working with a sophisticated client. Plan B understands this and will design a marketing brochure, flier, or marketing newsletter that gets you the attention you deserve. The marketing materials used can be a marketing brochure, marketing newsletter, post card design, marketing business card … you name it!

The printed word can reach thousands, spreading information about your business in which ever medium you send it. Our marketing materials are designed to communicate the benefits of our clients’ products and services in a way that reinforces the spoken word. A marketing brochure design that communicates your value and services, marketing newsletters that broadcast your latest accomplishments, post card designs that draw attention to your latest offers. Plan B strives in all things to design marketing collateral that will serve your most important purpose … lead generation and closing sales.


We can help develop a marketing program for your company, including a marketing materials plan that delivers the how, where, and when your marketing materials should be distributed. This communicates the overall goal of the program so that it can be reached for the lowest cost and reaps the highest payback for our customer.

Marketing Material Samples

Annual Report Designs

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Brochure Designs

Business Card Designs

Direct Mail Designs

Email Newsletter Designs (examples)

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Label Designs

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