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Web Design

It's simple. You need a basic web site to feature your products or services. Your site has to be clean, elegant, easy to use and within the tight budget of a small, local business.

Plan B is the answer.

Plan B has created professional sites and helped companies and individuals find their place among the millions of web competitors. Small businesses have unique requirements and Plan B is well positioned to help by delivering stand-out web designs, flyers and more.

Can’t Afford a Full-time Webmaster?

You can still keep your website current. You focus on your business and leave the updating to us!

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Attending a Special Occasion?

Participating in a Event?

And a cell phone picture just would not be the answer. We can get your images to you quick and fast!

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Is Your Website Old Looking?

Does It Need a Makeover?

The internet is constantly changing and so should your website. We can give give your website a fresh new look!

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Small Business Web Design

Plan B can help your business develop the image it needs on the web. Not only can we help your business with the design of a beautiful website, we take care of all the other aspects involved with maintaining an effective and functional site.

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